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14 Continued down the valley 18 or 20 miles fine Camping 15th continued Down the Valley fine grass and water nothing Occuring worth notice except we passed some Hott Springs some Little Thunder today 16 Sill travel down the Valey so far this is a lovley Valley to the wary Traveler in this Disetled Country came to a canon in the evning about 6 or 7 miles through Doct Williams and my self Being in advance of the Train passed through in the evning we heard our Train had campt in the canon about 3 miles Back so we campt with the Franklin Train (Capt Moris [note: in pencil M[--oris--]cDanielle] for night [--17--] came to where the road cross some low mountains some 22 miles passed [--8--] halfway through and campt no water for cattle 17 came to the river again about